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Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Houston depends on generous individual gifts, fundraising events, foundation grants, corporate contributions and government support to help us reach 10,000 Houston-area youth each year. Although membership is only $5.00, it takes much more to provide the services BGCGH offers.
The funds we raise allow us to keep our services affordable to the communities that need us most.

Wish Donations

In-kind donations to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Houston help ensure our clubs are equipped to serve the needs of our members. These generous donations of new or gently-used items help reduce costs. Please reference the list below for items currently needed.

Sara Kruger

Development Associate

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In-Kind Donation List

    • Club Member Needs
      School Uniform Pants
      Socks and Gloves
      Tennis Shoes
    • Club Supplies
      Brooms, mops, cleaning supplies
      Hand tools
      Folding Tables, tablecloths
      Lotion, hand soap, deodorant
      Paper Towels, toilet paper
      Pens, copy paper, folders, binders, sticky notes, etc.
      Learning supplies
      Board games
      Digital camera
      Flat screen TV
      LCD Projector
      Educational toys
      Markers, crayons, pens, pencils
    • Gift Cards
      Party City
    • Teen Incentives
      Beats by Dre (headphones)
      Gift cards
Donate In-Kind

Distinguished Donors

Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Houston greatly appreciate our Distinguished Donors and Jeremiah Milbank Society members. Their investments ensure our youth are provided dedicated facilities throughout the Greater Houston area, trained youth-development professionals and results-oriented programming.

Become a Distinguished Donor (annual gift of $1,000 or more) or a Jeremiah Milbank Society member (annual gift of $10,000 or more) and be a leader to the children at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Houston.

Jeremiah Milbank Society ($10,000 + Donors):
    • Sally & Douglas Abbott
      Pamela & Keith Fullenweider
      Maureen & John Graf
      Melinda & Jeffrey Hildebrand
      Lisa & Michael Holthouse
      Gene Isenberg
      Carolyn & Matt Khourie
      Lynette & Michael Kuznar
      Laura & Will Leven
      Gina & Carl Luna
    • Patti & Michael Morgan
      Christopher Papouras
      Waverly & Adam Peakes
      Jackie & Al Richey
      Cynthia Sanford
      Anita Sehgal
      Melinda & Jeremy Thigpen
      Elizabeth & Schuyler Tilney
      Kathryn & Bill Van Wie

Distinguished Donors - Gold Status ($5,000 - $9,999 Donors):
    • Matthew Assiff
      Mark Bouzek & Deborah Parks
      Josh Comstock
      Sarah Fullenweider
      Daniel Galfione
      Robert Irvine
      Anne & Mark Johnson
    • Elizabeth & Craig Lieberman
      John Molbeck
      Chad Motsinger
      Charles Owens
      Phillip Rhee
      Tracy & David Wegner

Distinguished Donors - Silver Status ($1,000 - $4,999 Donors):
    • Philippe Bourgeois
      Shane Burden
      Kevin Chapman
      Jamie Conn Mile
      John Davis
      Michiel de Rijk
      Derek Disney
      Gregory Ebel
      Mark Eversole
      Johnathan Fairbanks
      Ann & J. Kent Friedman
      Carmen Gay
      Gary Godwin
      Joey & william Goetz
      Allison Gower
      Tamera Green
      Robert Gwin
      Penny & Tom Haber
      Kevin Hattery
      Curt Hepp
      Elizabeth Hunter
      Craig Kellog
      Randall Kempner
      Douglas Kennedy
      Carla Kneipp
    • Todd Marix
      Fadi Matta
      Eric Mayer
      Gene Minnich
      Kristin Palmer
      Grady Roberts
      Susan & Douglas Selwyn
      Jeremy Smith
      Susan & Steve Solcher
      Dottie & Scott Sonnemaker
      Gerry Spedale
      Carla & Stephen Strake
      Larry Tanner
      Kathryn & Matthew Van Wie
      Adriana Villarreal
      Morgan Vos
      Jennifer Wallace
      Sean Wheeler
      Wade Whilden
      Benjamin Wilcox
      Anson Williams
      Gary Wilson
      Donald Young
      Michelle & Julius Young

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100% of your monthly donation brings hope and opportunity to children and families in need.